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Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media Marketing For Business

Social media marketing for business has been getting mixed reviews. Mainly because it has been done incorrectly. 

Let’s be honest, social media as a whole has taken the world by storm. Whether you are using it to keep in contact with friends and family all over the world, to keep up with the happenings of the world or as a tool for digital marketing, social media is undoubtedly the future.

However, let’s talk strictly business. Many business owners are unaware of the vast world of social media marketing and how it can hugely benefit their turnover. Or they may have tried it, but been disappointed with the results.

Social media marketing is a simple yet effective tool to promote your business in such a way that you will achieve exceptional results within a reasonable amount of time. But it should not be left to amateurs.

If we look at the statistics for South Africa alone we will see that 87.5% of the population uses Facebook via a mobile device.

This means that 87.5% of the population can potentially be reached by businesses who use this platform as a means of marketing while targeting their specific market.

It is, however, important to understand how the world of social media marketing works in order to reap the potential benefits.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of using specific methods and strategies to reach relevant target markets. In doing so, traffic, leads and sales are generated and increased.

What does Social Media Marketing entail?

Online social interaction consists of 4 fundamental stages. These 4 steps are the foundation of social media marketing.

  • Listening

Social listening is the process of tracking and monitoring online conversations around brands, industries, keywords and phrases.

This helps you understand what the public is looking for so that you can create relevant content accordingly. Effective listening helps you develop a strategy and is key to online success.

  • Influencing

The process of using appropriate, valuable content to reach specific markets. This helps you gain authority on social media platforms which ultimately generates trust between the client and you. In order to effectively influence, you must first listen.

  • Networking

The process of finding and connecting with other individuals and brands online who share similar interests and are considered influential and authoritative.

  • Selling

Using existing customers as well as prospects to generate leads and then sales. This is achieved by using specific content strategy methods.

Understanding and following these stages will greatly benefit the process of developing  social media marketing strategies.

6 benefits of social media marketing

  • Increase in website traffic

Social media can be the biggest generator of traffic to your website. Sharing posts via your website to social media platforms will encourage followers to visit your website. You will then have the opportunity to create a call to action.

  • Higher conversion rates

A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors out of the total number of visitors to your website that have taken a desired action.

  • Cost-effective

Social media marketing is practically free. As long as you have an internet connection you can use social media as an effective marketing tool. However, there are options to utilize the paid advertising options and even these can be suited to your budget.

  • You gain competitive advantage

For every business that does not use a social network to market themselves, there is a gap for you to fill. Understanding the inner workings of social media marketing and how it can benefit you already puts you 10 steps ahead.

  • Your search engine rankings will be better

The link between your official website and social media marketing plays a vital role in search engine optimization. If your followers can easily navigate between you and your social media profile, you will automatically rank better.

  • Optimal customer satisfaction

By having a social media profile, you are personifying your business. When customers experience real, efficient human interaction they are automatically engaged. Continuous customer satisfaction will encourage loyalty. Public displays of your attentiveness will foster trust in your customers and business prospects.


The world of digital and social media marketing is complex and diverse. Furthermore, if you are not using it as a tool to market your business then it is guaranteed that you are missing out on incredible benefits.

DMSA offers you the opportunity to take your business to the next level. We have a team of digital and social media marketing wizards equipped with all the tools necessary to help you grow your business.

We handle all aspects of social media marketing including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram marketing, content creation and content strategy.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote and friendly chat about what we can do to help you with social media marketing.

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