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Lead Generation

Lead Generation
Modern marketing concept and tools for important lead generation for business leads
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Lead Generation

Lead generation is arguably the most important digital marketing and sales activity. For many businesses it is the culmination of all other digital marketing activities and end goal of their website and other digital solutions.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the end goal of converting them into customers.

Our lead generation services are flexible and tailored to suit the nature of your business and your budget. We cater for small business leads as well as large multi-tier enterprise campaigns.

In addition, lead generation campaigns all need to get the basics of digital marketing correct before moving onto the sophisticated steps described below.

Lead Generation & Business Leads

There is a direct correlation between the number of business leads you get and the profitability of your company. But a discussion on lead generation also needs to consider the cost of acquisition of business leads. 

Many traditional methods are simply too expensive, and frankly inefficient. By far the most effective lead generation strategy is via Digital Marketing, specifically SEO and Content Marketing.

You should be getting business leads from your website all the time, because this will be the cheapest digital conduit for sales leads.

Making your digital assets deliver the leads you need for your business is what we do.

Have you defined exactly who your perfect customer is? Defining customer personas is one way to identify the unique needs of each customer type and then being able to address those needs through marketing content.

Each customer persona may require a different sales approach as well. Engaging customers on their pain points allows you to fashion solutions and build trust relationships with your brand.

Customer Personas

Lead Generation Sales Funnel

A purchase decision is never a simple process. We need to anticipate that each potential customer reaches a purchasing decision in a different way, and prepare the digital sales journey to accommodate this. 

In addition, the sales funnel anticipates the questions which are customer sticking points in the purchase decision process.

It also separates the roles and responsibilities of the marketing and sales teams, and manages the handover of sales leads and ensures that leads do not drop off. 


We build landing pages specifically designed to maximise visitor registration and information capture. This is especially important for the top of the sales funnel.

We offer web page design services, A/B Split Testing, Graphic Design and Call-To-Action design to get the best out your lead generation campaign.

Landing Pages

Marketing Automation

We create automated marketing response emails to the leads created on landing pages and manage the communication channel on your behalf in order to deliver highly qualified leads to your sales team.

This includes the creation of email content, Segregated email lists, managed decision trees, and follow up emails. Prospective customers may require up to 5 interactions with your brand before making a purchasing decision.

Nurturing business leads means creating responsive driven interactions with prospective clients that close the trust gap and create in-depth knowledge and long term relationships with your brand.

Nurturing Business Leads

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

DMSA is a lead generation company based in Cape Town and Gqeberha. Our solutions are reasonably priced and effective.

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