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Content Marketing Plan and Content Strategy

Your business message must be delivered efficiently, cost effectively and in an orderly fashion. A Content marketing plan and content strategy will help you manage any and all content that you will be creating as well as how it will be delivered to your audience.

Content Marketing Plan and Content Strategy

A Content Strategy also refers to the chosen content delivery mechanisms that you will use to present yourself and your brand to your audience. Managing your content delivery is a critical aspect of this strategy.

An effective content strategy ensures that you reach your targeted audience efficiently and flawlessly. Additionally, it’ll be your much needed guideline for sticking to a predetermined marketing plan.

What Does a Content Marketing Plan Entail?


  • Planning identifies target market by doing market research and using the information to define customer personas
  • Using different analytics to filter out ineffective strategies during the planning stage will help you focus on a marketing strategy that actually works
  • Decide what form of content is going to be most conducive to your desired outcome


  • Using information like audience interests and goals, business goals and brand focus to decide what type of content will be most effective
  • Identifying the purpose of the content – is it to inspire, entertain, inform, persuade etc?


  • Identifying which social media and other platforms are the best for your content according to information gathered during market research
  • Different content will require different frequencies at which they are published.


  • Includes policies, procedures and standards to keep the content creator within the prescribed marketing scope
  • Ensures that the business’ objectives are understood

11 Benefits of a Content Strategy

  • Ensures that you are using the right platform to publish your content
  • Encourages you to make sure that you are consistently creating and updating content
  • Search engine optimization becomes more effective and more meaningful
  • Helps you listen to what people are saying so you can provide them with content they want to be exposed to
  • Allocates purpose to your content that will help you achieve your business’ goals
  • Excellent content results in an increased ability to influence your readers, this can be directly linked to an increase in leads and sales
  • Helps you build brand awareness
  • Prevents you from wasting your time developing content that is meaningless and ineffective
  • Quality content is useful in that it engages potential buyers
  • Appropriate content will help you gain trust and build long lasting relationships with your target audience
  • Generates traffic to your website as well as your other social media pages

Digital Marketing South Africa

Our team will help you develop an effective content strategy as well as using other marketing methods to help your business grow.

We align your business goals and objectives with our approach to marketing your business using the most relevant and effective social media platforms.

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Without an effective website your content strategy will struggle to gain traction and an audience. In addition, your website should support your marketing efforts and include elements such as a Blog and Social Media.

Your website should incorporate the ability to present multimedia and be focused on conversion of your website visitors.

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