Email Marketing


Email marketing is a form of a direct marketing strategy. Every email sent from a business to a current or potential client can be considered email marketing. However this term is usually referred to when a business sends emails with the purpose to:

  • Enhance the relationship with current or previous clients.
  • Encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Directly reach potential clients.
  • Acquire new customers.
  • Persuade current customers to make a purchase.
  • Add advertisements to emails which are sent by other companies to their customers.
  • Marketing your business’ latest news.



Direct emails entail sending promotional messages about a product or service or special offers. Marketing via email is by nature unsolicited; therefore one must take care to ensure the business email remains unaffected by SPAM and reputation risks.


A newsletter in the form of email that is sent with the intention to build a long-lasting relationship with the reader. It is important to track specific links, keywords and actionable content in the newsletter in order to evaluate the more effective aspects.



  • A precise ROI (return on investment) can be tracked. With proven positive results when performed correctly.
  • Email has always had an extremely high return of investment (rROI) when conducted correctly.
  • Modifications can be made to a campaign or even an online marketing strategy due to the data found from email analytics available today.
  • Reach substantial numbers of email subscribers –those have already given permission to receive emails about subjects of interest to them.
  • Email is an open platform with multitude of services that provide access to send and receive email.
  • It’s an enormous source: There are three times more email accounts than there are twitter and Facebook accounts combined.


  • The ultimate goal is conversion: turning potential customer into paying or loyal customer. Whether in the form of leads, sales, a metric system or memberships, email is a powerful conversion tool for your business.
  • Emails can target specifically, in order to find the ideal customers.
  • Have constant contact with your customers to enrich business communications
  • Research shows that more than half of internet users check their emails of a daily basis.
  • Email allows you to reach out to consumers with relevant and personalized messages.
  • Transactional emails allow businesses to respond automatically to important consumer events – such as sales or returns.
  • Emails are sent directly to a consumer’s mail box, which is more likely to be seen than a post on social media.


  • Email is one of the cheapest ways to communicate to a broad target audience – when compared to other channels of advertising.

email is a reliable source to contact new and existing customers that will always be around. Unlike some social media platforms which eventually fade away.

In conclusion, Email marketing is an essential and cost-effective method of communication that every business should take full advantage of.


The world of digital and social media marketing is complex and diverse. Furthermore, if you are not using email marketing as a tool to market your business then it is guaranteed that you are missing out on incredible benefits.

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  • Marketing Automation

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